Friday, September 7, 2007

Top Five Quick Weekend Getaways from NYC

Sometimes you have to say heck, lets just get outa here and really get out of the city. Weeks can drag on and it can be a toll. When I can't really getaway for a vacation and need a short weekend break, these are my favorite top five weekend getaways from New York.
1. Woodstock, NY - The thing I love about Woodstock is that you don't really need a car to get there. Once you're there, there's a great number of restaurants and museums that you can visit. It's like revisiting the hippie culture of the past. What I love abut Woodstock is the quietness and the greenery. I recommend hiking in the Catskills mountains and visiting the artist museums. Try to get a hold of the drum circle too!
2. Cambridge, MA -- Besides having MIT and Harvard, Cambridge is a historical town that has great architecture. I love going there in the fall with the scenery of the foliage. You can pretend you go to MIT! If you're a bicycle enthusiast like me, you'd love biking along the Charles river. It's totally different from urban biking like the way we have in New York.
3. Atlantic City, NY - If you've always wanted to go to Las Vegas but never had the time or the energy to organize a trip that far out Atlantic City is your answer. There are buses that go there every day on a pretty regular basis. Just call or get to the Port Authority Bus Terminal and you'd be on your way to maybe winning millions! (Plus they have special deals for senior citizens.)
4. Mystic, CT has everything in aqua mystics. It's an old sea port town that's been recreated just like back in the old days. It has also a huge aquarium that the kids or the kid inside you would love. The whole theme of the town is sea, sea and sea! And remember, watching fish actually brings down your stress levels!
5. Lancester, PA - is perfect if you just don't want to sight see but experience the food as well. I mean they have All-You-Can-Eat Smorgasbords and a normal way to travel is still in a horse drawn carriage. So leave your PDAs and non essential electronics at home. After all you're going on a Get-A-Way!

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